AFP Photo/Getty: 'Flying Scotsman' Celebrates World Record

AFP Photo/Getty: ‘Flying Scotsman’ Celebrates World Record

Graeme Obree high-fives a teammate after setting the land speed record for prone style racing at the International Human Powered Vehicle track near Battle Mountain, Nevada. AFP PHOTO/DEREK R. HENKLE

AFPTV/Getty: 'Flying Scotsman' Sets Prone Racing Record

AFPTV/Getty: ‘Flying Scotsman’ Sets Prone Racing Record

Scottish cycling champion Graeme Obree sets a new world record hurling head first across the Nevada desert at over 50 mph on a prone style bike called The Beastie. (Footage by Derek R. Henkle/AFP/Getty Images)

AFPTV/Getty: Dutch students set world land-speed record

AFPTV/Getty: Dutch students set world land-speed record

A week of competition on the flattest road in the world sees a new 13-year land-speed record broken by a group of student athletes and their science schoolmate counterparts. Derek Henkle is embedded with the fastest students on earth and reports exclusively for AFPTV.